Jubilee Tower Credit Union is a not-for-profit organisation and financial co-operative providing no-nonsense financial services to the people of Blackburn with Darwen; whether you live or work in the Borough.


Our simple aim is to support the people of the local community in saving and managing their money.


Credit Unions are membership-based organisations; volunteer-run and are mutually-owned. This means that the people like you, your neighbours and work colleagues own us simply by having an active savings account with us.


There are about 450 Credit Unions around the country and they typically cover a town/city, organisation (like British Airways and BAE Systems) or workplace (like the police or Armed Forces). They all have a ‘Common Bond’ that unites them and you must be part of this to be eligible for membership of a Credit Union. Our ‘Common Bond’ is people who live or work in the Blackburn and Darwen area.


The Credit Union is then run by and for these members rather than shareholders. Each member saves into a common pot and this can be lent to other people in the community at preferential rates (helping them avoid the pitfalls of high-interest lenders). The profit from this is then passed back to our savers in the form of a dividend (not interest).


Jubilee Tower Credit Union was founded in 1996 by Sudellside Community Association in Darwen as Darwen Tower Credit Union and originally operated from the community centre one evening per week. From such humble beginnings we have grown organically and securely. In 2004 we expanded to cover the whole Borough; and a little bit more as we also serve part of the southern Ribble Valley. A little later on, in 2007, Blackburn South Credit Union merged with us so there was a single credit union serving the whole borough. We now have over 2,500 adult members and 2,000 Young Savers with assets of approximately £1 million. We are still based in Darwen town centre and as a truly accessible community enterprise we open up our services to the whole Borough by operating from a number of community locations over the week.