For some tenants having their Housing Benefit paid directly to them can be a big worry - will they pay the landlord on time? Could they be tempted to spend part of it? Our Housing Benefit account eliminates this worry. Simply have your Housing Benefit paid into your Credit Union account and we’ll make sure you can’t withdraw it and we’ll transfer it to your landlord for you.


Private tenants have appreciated this account for a few years now – it keeps them in their tenancy which means less stress, no loss of rent deposits and not having the panic of moving again or finding a new rent deposit (also the children can continue in the local school and with their friends in the area). With Universal Credit the responsibility for paying your Social Housing or Housing Association rent will fall onto the individual just as it does now with private tenants. This account will work for you in just the same way.


Landlords appreciate this scheme because they know they’re guaranteed the rent money. If you’re a landlord and you want more information then please feel free to get in touch.