Your adult savings account can also be used as a ‘Managed Account’. This is where deposits can be made via cash/cheque, Standing Order, Payroll Deduction, Direct Care Payments, DWP benefits (including Universal Credit) or wages/salary and we can manage this money on your behalf.


This usually means putting some money aside for savings (or your Credit Union loan repayment), paying a selection of regular household bills by Direct Debit or Standing Order and then releasing the remainder of the money to you (into a bank account or onto one of our optional Engage prepaid debit cards). Plus we can do this however you prefer – daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly.


The advantages are that you build up some savings (no matter how small), you can feel reassured that all of your bills are taken care of and that what you have left over is what you can spend. It’s an excellent budgeting service and we don’t charge for the management of your account (please note that the small fee from Engage for the optional prepaid debit card does still apply).  The Managed Account service has been an amazing life-changer for so many individuals and families; particularly those with poor budgeting skills, chaotic lifestyles or vulnerabilities; it has seen people/families stay secure in tenancies, up to date on bills and free from court action.