No-one knows when they might need a pot of money to dip into and you will be surprised how putting a little aside each week soon adds up. Saving with Jubilee Tower Credit Union couldn’t be any simpler. Savings can be deposited in cash or cheque at any of our Community Collection Points, by Standing Order, by internet transfer, by debit card over the telephone or by simply popping into our head office located in Darwen Town Centre. We also work with a number of local employers with a Payroll Deduction scheme whereby their staff can save directly from their salaries. You will receive a paying-in-book to help you keep track of your savings and an Annual Dividend will also be paid on your savings.


Members can save as little or as much as they want up to the current legal limit of £18,500. We find that the most common purposes for saving include:

  • Holidays
  • Home improvements
  • University fees
  • Christmas
  • Bills
  • The Hajj
  • Personal use
  • Vehicle costs
  • Baby expenses
  • Work/education needs

Please note: A regular pattern of saving is required before you apply for a loan


How safe are my savings?

We are a PRA and FCA – regulated organisation, which means that all savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is a guarantee of safety for your savings if anything was to happen to the Credit Union.